A very brief site about my ongoing efforts of building an upright cabinet.

I started out building a 1:6 scale microcab I named PocketGalaga.

To get some more practice I built a standalone control panel. Again in Galaga theme (can you tell my favorite game is Galaga?). I really learned a lot from building this CP and my cabinet will certainly benefit from the experience.

When using the CP and a computer running MAME it can give much joy and madness. Here some picture of my kid trying to get Mario up the ladders of Donkey Kong :)

Another fun project was making a Galaga cab shaped birdhouse.

I vectorized major parts of the Galaga artwork. Go over to Artwork Library for the downloads.

I also made a comparison between versions of the sideart images. That's why I went out and did my own version. I still need some help on the colors though.

The Galaga Bezel is still a work in progress, but I'm not to actively working on it anymore.

Patrick Laarhoven

arcade @ laweb.nl